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Me Time?!

Even though I'm sociable and love an occasion, I love me time even more. Since being little I've been very happy in my own company. In fact, I feel like I need time on my own to stay sane. I was really worried about moving in with my now husband for fear that I wouldn't get to spend time by myself. On the nights he was getting in late or when he was going out with friends I would relish being able to sit and read, listen to music, fantasise about what I would spend a big lottery win on, craft or just sit and 'be' - the quiet house all to myself was my oyster! However, when I found out that we were having a baby, I didn't think about how it would impact on my precious 'me time'. Maybe I felt like I had worked it out with Hubble so I would easily work it out with a baby. Or (more likely) I just didn't think that a baby wouldn't allow me time by myself. I had glorious visions of sitting with a quiet baby who would enjoy time around the house just
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You've given birth, you can do anything! I was sat in the doctors waiting room the other day and it occurred to me that I was feeling calm and relaxed. Something I would have not felt before baby. I would have been sat worrying about and second guessing what the doctor would say. Like many people, I've battled with a mild undercurrent of anxiety on and off over the years and previously got myself to a point whereby I couldn't drive my car or go to dentist/doctors appointments because I got myself so worked up. But in me there has been a shift. Not only am I far too distracted by making sure my baby has everything she needs but I also feel much more confident in my body and what it is capable of. Before giving birth I worried about how on earth my body would be able to rise to such a challenge. Let's be honest, I think we all wonder at some point whether its even possible and why on earth we are designed this way. However, after reading some books/articles about Hypn
Weaning It! Never mind Mumming It, we've starting weaning it and by weaning it what really happens is that I give Matilda food and she plays with it for half on hour! I decided to try baby led weaning because it sounded like it made good sense to learn to chew and then swallow rather than the other way round which is what apparently happens with purree weaning. I was really excited to get started: I read up about it, bought all of the 'equipment' and devised a 'plan'. Matilda seemed ready a little while before 6 months (probably about 4.5 months) and I was in two minds about starting her early because many people had said that baby tells you when they're ready and she was showing the signs like trying to get hold of other people's food and loving to watch people eat. However, she wasn't quite sitting independently and I had read that they need to be a bit older for blw compared to traditional weaning. So we held off. We officially started the week
A little bit about me... Hello! My name is Sophie, I'm 29 years old and I live in the North West of England. On Friday 6th January 2017 I gave birth to my daughter Matilda. Since her arrival I started making little notes on my phone a bit like a diary and I already love reading back over them so I decided to formalise it into a blog. Even if it's only me who ever reads this I will cherish having these memories documented. I think this blog may become a bit random but I'm planning to write about life with a baby, the joys of pregnancy and birth, travel, food and just generally give a snapshot of my life. If anyone reads this I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Before I had a baby I was 'winging it' now I'm 'mumming it'! (That's so cheesy but I'm a big cheeseball so do expect more beauties like this!) Love Sophie xxx